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Acrylic Paintings Inspired by Nature
& Beauty

Adopting Intuitive & Experimental Methods To Translate Artistic
Expressions on the Canvas

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Toronto-based Contemporary Abstract Artist

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My approach is both intuitive and experimental. Acrylic paint is the medium of choice as it allows me the freedom to watch as the story unfolds. Colour is the impetus combined with some unorthodox and playful tools like an assortment of brushes, scrapers, credit cards, rakes, and rollers. Nature and the beauty of the surrounding world show me the possibility of pushing the envelope of artistic creation. I try to keep abreast of current art trends and technology with books, magazines, and seminars, but most of all, I enjoy traveling and visiting all the magnificent art museums around the world.

My process is a dance between canvas and paint. These artworks are inspired by my love of vivid colours - rainbow colours to symbolize both diversity and inclusion; they are about expression and movement, inviting the viewer to take this mystical journey with me. I use these large canvases to bring extraordinary life to the ordinary thoughts and feelings of the heart.

I use layers of bold, vivid colour full of confidence and energy, combined with intuitive marks that enchant the mind to experience a delightful journey of the imagination. There is a vocabulary of geometric shapes throughout, building repeated layers of material to express my belief in the underlying unity of everything in the universe, constantly searching for more effective methods of revealing the mystery within.

With these abstract compositions, I hope the viewer will pay more attention to this idea: that we should work a little harder to remember, to honour, to appreciate but most of all, to celebrate this life. Because life is a canvas, and every day we need a little magic. No one can say this better than Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli – Here, on the edge of what we know in contrast with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and the beauty of the world. And it is BREATHTAKING!

Thank you for dropping by – I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery of recent and past works. Contact me with any questions about prices, shipping, or commissions.
~ Donna Wise

A green and black background with a wave